Artisanal miners consultative meeting-2018 was held in Dundgovi aimag

Dundgovi artisanal mining consultative meeting-2018 was held on May 22nd in Mandalgovi city. The event was organized in cooperation with the Mineral resources and petroleum agency of Mongolia, Sustainable artisanal mining project of Swiss Development Agency and Cooperation and the aimag governor’s office.

The head of the aimag Citizen representative khural S.Sukhbaatar made the opening speech, deputy governor J.Munkhchuluun made a presentation on “Current situation of artisanal mining and urgent issues”. Total 120 attendees of the event included heads of ASM related agencies, specialists, heads of citizen representative khurals of Khuls, Luus, Bayanjargalan, Ulziit, Gurvansaikhan soums, the governor, environmental control inspectors, representatives from artisanal mining partnerships. As a result of the discussions a recommendation was developed and delivered to the heads of the aimag, soums, government agencies and artisanal miners.